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Does your dog suffer from bad breath? Here's what it could be...

Does your dog suffer from bad breath? Here's what it could be...


Believe it or not, a dog’s breath shouldn’t be smelly. In fact, any unpleasant odours that persist, could be a sign of a health problem.

If your dog has suffered from smelly breath, over a long period of time, this could be a sign of a build up of bacteria in his or her mouth. Sometimes this bacteria, caused by plaque and tartar, can accumulate and cause painful gums and loose teeth - also known as gum disease.

If you suspect this could be what’s affecting your poor pooch, take a look inside their mouth. A healthy dog’s mouth will have pink, straight gums with clean, whole teeth.

What else could it be?

Do your dog’s teeth and gums look healthy? Gum disease isn’t the only possible culprit here. Smelly breath can also be a sign of other bodily issues, including your dogs lungs or even their stomach. Although this may sound scary - it could be something as simple as a dietary issue - so don’t panic.

Don't self-diagnose

Whatever the issue, it’s always best to seek professional advice from your dog’s vet. They’ll be able to distinguish the cause of your dog’s bad breath and rule out any issues that may be worrying you.

Can brushing help?

Just like us humans, practicing good oral health is just as important for dogs. It’s often easier to get into this habit from a young age - making the whole process a little easier for the both of you.

Foods and snacks

It’s also worth considering whether your dog’s diet is supporting of great oral health. We stock a whole range of foods and treats that are designed to prevent the unwanted build up of bacteria. Shop our best-sellers here: 

Quality kibble and high-protein treats - A match made in heaven

Quality kibble and high-protein treats - A match made in heaven

 So you’ve tried and tested our high-quality doggy kibble to find that whichever product of ours it is that your dog has eaten - we’ve been true to our word and the results have been amazing, right?

Whether it’s the legacy Imperial Food or the newer but equally brilliant Belcando kibble, we quite literally stock dog food to suit every single age and dietary requirement. And now that you’ve probably taken the leap and invested in our amazing kibble, you’re probably considering which snacks and treats to pair it with.

You’ll be pleased to know, we’ve got lots to choose from when it comes to tasty dog treats that are equally healthy. To make things a little easier, we’ve listed below some of our absolute favourite treats that are great pairings with all of the dog foods that we stock.

  1. Rodi Training Sausages - Packed full of flavour, these training causes are an absolute treat for any dog. Containing fresh, nutritious ingredients, packed full of proteins, vitamins and minerals, what’s not to love! Shop from £24.99. 
  2. Bully Max Soft Performance Chews - Don’t let the name put you off. These chews aren’t solely for dogs that want to build muscle. In fact, they’re a great treat for healthy growth and development, containing vital nutrients and vitamins that even pregnant dogs will benefit from. Shop from £49.99.
  3. Naturis Smoked Dino Bones - A fantastic natural snack that’ll satisfy their appetite, all while looking after their oral health. If it’s a good source of protein and essential vitamins that you’re after, this giant bone is packed full of both. Shop from £4.99. 
  4. Naturis Chicken Necks - Chicken necks you ask? Once again, these beauties are full of flavour and goodness, and are amazing at maintaining a healthy gut. Does your dog suffer from bad breath? These will help to freshen things up! Shop from £3.79. 

These are just some of our favourites, but there’s plenty more to choose from. To shop our full range of dog foods and healthy treats, click here.

4 reasons to introduce krill to your dog’s diet

4 reasons to introduce krill to your dog’s diet

Ever wondered how the world’s largest mammal is able to survive on krill alone? That’s because Krill, is in actual fact a superfood - and one that is perfectly suited to man’s best friend.

For those needing a little convincing on introducing shellfish to your dog’s diet, we’ve listed 4 very convincing reasons that are worth considering before dismissing this quite substantial superfood.

  1. Krill oil contains more digestible omega-3 fatty acids than any other fish oil. While helping to maintain the elasticity of cells, omega-3 is also well known for reducing inflammation and lowering high blood lipid levels.
  2. Krill provides quality protein, as well as numerous vitamins, micronutrients, amino acids and minerals (from A to zinc).
  3. Krill contains glucosamine - an important component for the healthy growth, development and maintenance of cartilage tissue and joints.
  4. Krill contains a high quantity of astaxanthin, a natural carotenoid similar to that found in carrots and tomatoes. Astaxanthin is actually responsible for fighting free radicals in the body that cause cells to age and weaken the immune system.

Step away from the high-street brands

It’s important, as a dog owner, to remember that the dog foods available on supermarket shelves aren’t the only options available. In fact, many of these products aren’t satisfying your dog’s nutritional needs - you only have to investigate the ingredients label to confirm this.

However, we’re continuously searching for brands that are heavily committed to producing quality, nutritional dog foods capable of keeping our furry companions in optimum health. The newest brand introduced to our product range is Belcando - an innovative provider of quality, forward-thinking foods containing everything your dog could possibly need, and more.

You'll also be pleased to learn that Belando specialises in food for dog's of all ages, regardless of sensitivities. Shop the full Belcando range here today. 

What is a BARF Diet?

What is a BARF Diet?

BARF dieting - what every dog owner needs to know

BARF dieting is by no means a new concept, however more and more dog owners are now turning to this form of feeding due to the amazing benefits it can have on pet health and wellbeing.

In fact, this type of dieting has proven to offer a natural and healthy solution to a whole range of health problems, including relief from digestive problems, allergies, degenerative diseases and even skin conditions. 

What does BARF dieting mean?

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term, BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food. This diet consists of raw whole foods, such as meat, bones, fat, organ meats, fruit and vegetables.

What about shop bought dog food?

Cooked and processed foods are a big no-no when it comes to BARF dieting, as are any foods containing preservatives, colouring agents, additives, grains or other fillers designed to make a dog feel fuller for longer. A lot of supermarket bought pet food contains some of these harmful ingredients, which can cause a whole range of long-term health problems for pets, as opposed to the wonderfully healthy benefits of a barf diet. 

So, what are the benefits of a BARF diet?

  • Relief from irritating skin conditions, particularly those caused by allergies
  • A shiny coat thanks to the range of nutrients and vitamins
  • Healthy teeth and a fresher breath, including minimal tar build-up
  • Leaner, trimmer weight and healthier shape
  • Strengthened immunity thanks to the perfect balance of essential nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids
  • Easier on the tummy and therefore ideal for dogs with digestion problems
  • Quick and easy absorption of nutrients given the natural ingredients
  • Increased mobility and improved energy levels
  • Reduced stool odour, a clear sign of healthy digestion
  • A longer, healthier and happy life

Interested in a BARF diet for your cat or dog?

If you’re looking to introduce your dog, or cat for that matter, to a BARF diet, why not browse our range of fresh, natural and incredibly healthy food products!

Human foods that you should never give to your dog

Human foods that you should never give to your dog

As persuasive as those puppy-dog eyes may be peering up at you from beneath the dinner table, you may just want to hold off sharing your delicious grub with your dog after reading this article. Why? Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few ‘human foods’ that we as owners should completely avoid feeding to our pooches due to their health-damaging side effects. Even if you’ve shared any of these food items to your pup in the past with no signs of any health problems, don’t be fooled - there are some side effects that aren’t always completely obvious. 

Here’s a list of our top 5 doggy no-no’s! 

  1. Chocolate (and any other sugary foods). Hopefully the majority of dog owners are already aware of this one, as it’s one of the worst things you could feed your pooch. Chocolate actually contains Theobromine, an ingredient that isn’t damaging to humans but is particularly toxic for dogs. And don’t think that you’re playing it safe by giving your pooch dark chocolate because this harmful ingredient is actually found in all kinds of chocolate. What are the possible side effects? From vomiting and diarrhoea to seizures and tremors or even fatalities, we highly advise you to keep chocolate of all kinds away from your beloved dog. 
  2. Bacon (and any other fatty foods). Oh yes, the one thing that gets their little noses twitching is bacon! But unfortunately, it’s on the list of no-no’s. Being an extremely salty meat, dogs can become excessively thirsty, causing them to over-drink and possibly bloat which can be dangerous. It’s also a high in fats, which can damage your pup's pancreas.
  3. Dairy. Who would have thought a bowl of milk could be harmful to dogs? But it is. As surprising as it may be, cow products are difficult for a dog’s stomach to process, causing tummy upsets or worse. And just like certain meats, dairy with high fat content can once again cause pancreatic problems for your pooch, so avoid sharing the occasional cube of cheese, it’s really not worth taking the risk. 
  4. Raisins (and grapes for that matter). These are both no-no's. Something so small can actually have a huge impact on your dog’s health, including renal failure. Sounds horrible doesn’t it. Believe it or not, feeding your dog this little snack can actually be fatal, so just don’t do it - even if they’ve been fine in the past. 
  5. Raw meat. OK so this one is not necessarily a ‘human food’ as not a lot of us would find a raw chicken breast particularly appetising but we thought we’d better mention it just in case. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to feeding dogs raw meat, but the truth is, they face the same potential health risks as we do, from salmonella poisoning to e-coli. Your dog’s food, just like yours, needs to be cooked thoroughly to avoid some very unpleasant health problems. 

The reality is, not all dog owners are aware of the damaging effects our own food can have on our pets. We’ve got a whole range of highly nutritious and flavoursome dog foods and snacks listed that you’re pup is sure to love! Shop here...