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Does your dog suffer from bad breath? Here's what it could be...

Does your dog suffer from bad breath? Here's what it could be...


Believe it or not, a dog’s breath shouldn’t be smelly. In fact, any unpleasant odours that persist, could be a sign of a health problem.

If your dog has suffered from smelly breath, over a long period of time, this could be a sign of a build up of bacteria in his or her mouth. Sometimes this bacteria, caused by plaque and tartar, can accumulate and cause painful gums and loose teeth - also known as gum disease.

If you suspect this could be what’s affecting your poor pooch, take a look inside their mouth. A healthy dog’s mouth will have pink, straight gums with clean, whole teeth.

What else could it be?

Do your dog’s teeth and gums look healthy? Gum disease isn’t the only possible culprit here. Smelly breath can also be a sign of other bodily issues, including your dogs lungs or even their stomach. Although this may sound scary - it could be something as simple as a dietary issue - so don’t panic.

Don't self-diagnose

Whatever the issue, it’s always best to seek professional advice from your dog’s vet. They’ll be able to distinguish the cause of your dog’s bad breath and rule out any issues that may be worrying you.

Can brushing help?

Just like us humans, practicing good oral health is just as important for dogs. It’s often easier to get into this habit from a young age - making the whole process a little easier for the both of you.

Foods and snacks

It’s also worth considering whether your dog’s diet is supporting of great oral health. We stock a whole range of foods and treats that are designed to prevent the unwanted build up of bacteria. Shop our best-sellers here: 

Introducing the new Belcando Puppy & Dog Food Range!

Introducing the new Belcando Puppy & Dog Food Range!

At Pooch DVD, we’re highly committed to offering only the best of the best when it comes to dog food, snacks and supplements. That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve recently added Belcando to our list of favourite dog food brands! Offering dog food for special nutritional phases, i.e. old age, through to foods designed for dog’s with sensitivities and intolerances, there’s a Belcando meal for every dog, including:

Young Dogs

Just like babies, to offer a young dog the very best start in life, feeding them the best quality foods and ingredients is a necessity. Adult dog food doesn’t always satisfy a young dog’s nutritional demands, which is why brands like Belcando, offer products tailored to the special needs of a youthful pooch. From puppy milk through to dry puppy food (even grain-free), there’s a variety of options available.

Adult Dogs

Every adult dog is different. Some live more active lifestyles, therefore requiring more energy-fuelling ingredients in their foods, while others may simply have a dislike for certain flavours. Whether your dog’s activity levels range from normal to high, or they have a sensitivity to grains, there’s a Belcando option to suit.

Special Nutritional Phases

If your dog is overweight, or getting older and at risk of typical health issues such as arthritis, we now stock a range of Belcando products designed to satisfy a whole range of special nutritional phases - all of which have proven to work wonders. Whatever kibble you’re looking for, we’ve got it - even soya free!

From large bags of dry food, through to tasty toppings and meat tins, there’s a perfect Belcando meal for every pooch - including yours. Click here to shop the full Belcando range today!