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DUCK Complete Dog Food: Feeding in line with nature

DUCK Complete Dog Food: Feeding in line with nature

We stand by the complete DUCK dog food range for every box that it ticks. Not only does it satisfy the complex nutritional demands of an active dog – it brings feeding in line with nature, fixing a whole stream of issues found within most dogs that are being fed processed foods. Issues with the following are often food related and easily treated with DUCK:

  • gastric disorders
  • intestinal disorders
  • food allergies
  • skin problems
  • behavioural problems

If your dog has been suffering with any of the above, we highly recommend introducing your dog to the DUCK complete frozen range, you’ll be wishing you made the transition sooner. 

Why do we vouch for DUCK?

First things first, it’s suitable for all dogs, regardless of age (yes, even puppies can enjoy it!), breed or size. DUCK Complete Excellent is perfect for working dogs and for puppies, given its excellent mix of natural ingredients which sustain excellent energy levels.

The majority of dog health issues are recovered by switching from a dry diet to a natural diet, because everything starts with a good intestinal flora which, incidentally, is restored with speed (and ease) by feeding DUCK Complete Excellent. 

The in’s and out’s of how they make their food

The brand sources meat and organs, such as the heart, liver and kidneys, from European countries, from animals that have been slaughtered for human consumption. Immediately after slaughter the meat is cooled to -18 °C to ensure that it retains the vitamins and minerals. This also prevents bacteriological problems. 

As soon as the deep-frozen meat and organs arrive in the DUCK production facility, they check them for quality and temperature. These ingredients are kept  at -18 °C in our huge deep-freeze too.

The purpose

The principal mission of DUCK is to provide nourishment that is close to nature, i.e. natural and fresh food, capable of striking the right balance between muscle meat and organs, between germinated cereals and natural meat juices. Fresh and natural, this dog food contains: 

  • no thickeners
  • no taste enhancers
  • no colouring agents

Dinner time just got interesting

If your dog is a fussy eater, or has been turning his nose away from the kibble you’ve been offering, natural food is highly pleasurable for them in terms of both smell and flavour, and will encourage a new excitement at dinner time. 

Buy it today

At Pooch DVD, we stock the complete DUCK range, with the following flavours available – Goat & Lamb, Beef and Lamb & Rice, including gluten-free options. Buy today and we can honestly say you will not be left disappointed. Click here to shop!

Team up with the Roti Training Sausages for an extra happy, energised and nourished pooch. 

Our #1 training treat – Rodi Sausages

Our #1 training treat – Rodi Sausages

The secret’s out! You guys asked, and we’ve delivered – our #1 treat for dog training? Rodi Sausage! It’s packed full of meat, with no additives – meaning our dog’s absolutely love it, but most importantly, it’s super healthy and helps to sustain those all-important energy levels during training. 


Right here at Pooch DVD of course! We've been stocking Rodi Sausages for a while now, and we love them for our pooches. They're actually one of our best-selling treats for dogs. 


Obviously being packed full of meat means the dog’s are instantly interested – it’s a great way of rewarding their engagement and behaviour. Not only that, it has a sturdy structure, allowing us to cut them well into treat size portions and store effectively whilst we train – no one like’s a messy treat! It’s also worth noting that Rodi Sausages aren’t just great as a treat, being super healthy, they’re also perfect as a daily complete meal. 

Tip! If you have to administer medicines or vitamins to your dog, hide them in this meaty treat for complete disguise! 


Aside from the usual of keeping the sausage cool and dry, once opened the sausage can be kept in the fridge for a maximum of five days (if packaged airtight). You can also temporarily freeze the rest of the sausage after opening if needed but be sure to cut the sausage into pieces before freezing, so that you can thaw as and when you need. 


Fun fact! Why not turn the Rodi Sausage into a tasty dried snack? Simply pop the the sausage pieces into a food dehydrator you’ll have tasty snacks for your dog at-the-ready. 


Take them with you! The sausages are completely OK to be stored unopened outside the fridge – and so are great for travelling with. 

Thinking of switching your dog to a raw diet?

Thinking of switching your dog to a raw diet?

One question we get asked a lot – “Is raw feeding best, because our vet isn’t convinced and is encouraging us to feed a commercial complete diet”. Sound familiar? We’ve got the low down on why a raw diet can be hugely transformational for your K9 and their long-term health – and why your vet might be less keen.

Why are vets so hesitant?
Dry food or kibble ingredients will vary by brand but all will meet the basic nutritional needs of a dog for a balanced diet. The required ingredients by law, including portent sources (Such as beef, poultry, fish, and eggs), vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, grains and cereals. Annoyingly, kibble has added preservatives that are needed to avoid the fat in the food from becoming rancid. And much like human food, we know that the ingredients used by certain brands are low-quality, or heavy on carbs – which in turn have a detrimental effect on a K9’s long term health, from skin issues, to bad teeth.

Why so many dog owners are switching to raw

A raw diet follows guidelines that mimic what your dog, or their ancestors would eat in the wild. This means they never use fillers, by-products, artificial flavours, or the nasty preservatives found in most commercial kibbles. Many dog owners have found that switching to raw has addressed allergy issues, gastrointestinal sensitivities and weight issues.

One thing that most people worry about is their lack of knowledge around raw feeding. We’ve researched the best raw foods out there and stocked up on them so that our dog owners can leave us with the complete peace of mind in knowing their pup or dog is equipped with highly nutritious foods to sustain their long-term health and eliminate the degenerative diseases caused by commercial diets.

Introducing DUCK Raw Frozen Meat for Puppies and Dogs

Our most recent favourite added to our shop is the DUCK frozen range, perfect for all ages, including puppies. If you’re keen on switching your dog to a raw diet, we’ll provide you with a handy transition guide to help you ease them in.

Take a look at the full DUCK range!

Dog grooming: 4 Top picks from Pooch DVD

Dog grooming: 4 Top picks from Pooch DVD

The season of heavier malting is fast approaching, but keeping your dog well groomed has never been easier with our handy go-to list of grooming accessories that no dog owner should go without… 

  1. Furminator £26.99

This clever de-shedding tool is revolutionary in keeping your dog’s coat fresh. In fact, this tool is commonly used by professional pet grooming salons around the world. Perfect for both long and short hair breeds.

  1. AccuFlow Brush £19.95

Does your dog require regular skin treatment? If so, this handy vet-recommended product allows for easy, accurate application. Simply remove the leak-proof cap and will with any essential oils, serums or water-based treatments and dispense the treatment easily across your dog’s skin as you brush. No fuss, no mess, just easy, accurate application.

  1. PediPaws Nail Trimmer £19.99

An easy and gentle way to trim your dog’s nails, with the handy PediPaws nail trimmer you can wave goodbye to those traditional nail clippers. The PediPaws trimmer offers a precision filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of the nail to leave your dog’s claws perfectly soft. There’s also a protective cap to ensure you only remove the right amount of nail. Super quick, super easy.

  1. Defendex Fleas, Ticks, Mange and Scabies Shampoo £31.99

Spending more time outdoors comes with its challenges. Keep pesky fleas and ticks away with this proven shampoo from Defendex, containing all-natural homeopathic ingredients that are proven to help keep your dog’s skin completely healthy.

Looking for something else? Browse our full range of best-selling products here!

How a behaviourist can help to overcome your dog’s anxiety

How a behaviourist can help to overcome your dog’s anxiety

Every dog, regardless of size or breed, can become anxious from time to time when put in a particular situation. That being said, anxiety can be a bigger problem for some pooches than others, and if you feel this is something affecting your dog’s health and happiness on a regular basis, seeking a dog behaviourist can be truly transformational.

Anxiety isn’t always something that’s completely obvious, but there are some tell-tale signs you can look out for. Sometimes these signs can be mistaken for bad behaviour, when the real cause is actually anxiety or fear. These include;

  • Constant barking or whining, particularly when you leave them alone
  • Aggression towards other dogs, particularly whilst out on walks
  • Pulling against you whilst on the leash, sometimes triggered by something they’ve seen i.e. a bike or a child
  • Tucking their tail between their legs or hiding behind an object
  • Acting strange when around new people i.e. growling
  • Uncontrollable shaking

If your dog experiences any of the above or something similar, they could be suffering from anxiety. The right route of treatment is really based on the individual dog and the severity of their anxiety. However, there are many benefits to visiting a professional dog behaviourist. Firstly they’ll be able to give you a professional analysis - They’ll be able to identify your dog’s trigger points and recommend things you can do to help. They’ll also put a clear training plan together and will work with your dog to slowly ease them towards a calmer, less anxious pooch.

Aside from seeking professional advice, some supplements have also proven to be effective in supporting a dog’s stress levels – including Vetionx Chillout Chews. Shop our full range of supplements here.  


Choosing a dog breed that's right for you

Choosing a dog breed that's right for you

As loving and rewarding as it is to be the owner of a dog, the decision to welcome one into your life, family and home should never be taken too lightly. That’s because dogs require a standard level of care – from regular exercise right the way through to maintaining their general health and happiness.

After considering whether now’s the right time to become a responsible dog owner, your next question will likely be, ‘what breed is right for me?’. Every dog breed has its own unique set of characteristics, from temperament through to health habits. That being said, every dog is unique and should be assessed based on their own individual qualities. To make the process a little easier, we’ve listed a few things that every prospective dog owner should consider before choosing a dog.

Things to consider:

  1. Are they good with small children? Some breeds are said to be more accepting of smaller children than others. That being said, with the right level of training, we’re strong believers that almost every dog can be taught to cohabit with smaller children. If you have small children in your home and this is something that concerns you, speak to a professional dog trainer for advice.
  2. How much exercise do they need? The physical demands of a working dog as opposed to a small terrier will differ greatly. Weigh up whether you’ll have the time needed to satisfy your dog’s activity levels on a daily basis, for the duration of their lifetime.
  3. Is a certain breed known to have health issues? Some breeds are more prone to certain issues than others, but that’s not to say that every dog falls into the same category. It’s often wise however, to research what your chosen breed can sometimes be affected by, including signs to look out for and ways of dealing with it should the problem arise when you become that dog’s owner. For example, French Bulldogs are sometimes known to have breathing issues while Springer Spaniels are prone to suffer from things like Elbow Dysplasia.
  4. Do they tend to be aggressive? Again, we believe this is something that’s not necessarily singled out by breed but also the way a dog has been welcomed to the world, the care and love they’ve received and the training they’ve been given. Some breeds are classed as being more ‘aggressive’ than others, but it does really come down to an individual dog and their own unique set of characteristics and again, their learning capabilities.
  5. Does the dog have protective traits? If you’re considering buying a dog for the added purpose of protection, breed is an important factor. That’s because some breeds possess more protective traits than others, and some breeds are able to undergo more intensive training than others due to their sophisticated learning capabilities. Protection dog training isn’t something that should be taken lightly but you can always speak to a professional dog trainer for advice.

Already chosen a breed and waiting to welcome your new dog into your home? Shop our wide range of puppy and dog foods, treats, accessories and health supplements here.