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Protein - Is your dog getting enough?

Protein - Is your dog getting enough?

One of the most essential ingredients to your dog’s diet is of course protein. Whether from meat, fish, eggs and some plant matter, your dog needs protein in order to thrive. Why? Protein based foods help to support healthy development, which is particularly important for growing pups. 

From muscle tone and bone strength, through to the functioning of nerves and even the condition of a dog’s coat, are all things supported by foods rich in protein. 

And while most dogs love to run around, that energy is fuelled by protein. If your pooch is lacking meat from their life, you’ll notice a lack of energy, insufficient body weight and a poor coat - just to name a few symptoms. Of course, meat isn’t the only ingredient a dog will thrive from, but protein should make up a large part of their meal and if it doesn’t - it could be time for a change. 

Wondering where to start? Changing your dog’s food immediately can sometimes upset their tummies. If you’re thinking of changing their food, try to do so gradually, introducing more of the new food each meal time, gradually replacing the old food. 

When it comes to choosing a new food, sometimes the labels can be slightly bare in terms of specifying exactly how much of one food type exists in the packet. If this is the case, remember that ingredients will be listed largest to smallest, so we’d expect meat to be at the very top of that list. You’ll probably find that many dog foods found in supermarkets are filled with processed, cheap or insufficient protein sources that aren’t good enough to keep your dog in great health. 

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  • Ben Abimbola