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Caring for your cats teeth

Caring for your cats teeth

Keeping your cat’s teeth in good condition is essential to a healthy and happy life - that means regular toothbrushing and a quality diet!

Failing to care for our cat’s teeth correctly can often lead to dental disease and an awful lot of unnecessary pain for our furry friends, which is precisely why we’ve put this brief article together to advise you on the best ways to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy. 


First off, make sure you purchase the correct pet toothpaste and a small finger brush. Never use human toothpaste - this will do more harm than good! Place a little paste onto the brush and brush in a smooth, gentle circular motion on the side of your cat’s teeth.

You’ll probably need to get your cat used to the paste, so try to increase the length of time that you brush by a little each day. The trick is to not force your cat too much at once, as you may put them off and make it harder for yourself in the long run. 


Rumour has it that dry cat food is much better for teeth than wet food with many dry cat food brands also being specifically designed to assist with dental care. If you can, try switching to dry food and see if this has a positive impact on your cat’s teeth. 

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  • Ben Abimbola