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Training collars – Greater freedom from greater control

Training collars – Greater freedom from greater control

So, you take your dog for a walk. Whilst having a nice, relaxing stroll with your pooch off their lead, you turn a corner to find a flock of deer relaxing in the wood. Suddenly, your usually relaxed and obedient dog becomes completely overtaken by excitement and refusing to listen to your command, he begins to chase the deer, leaving you with absolutely no control.

Control and prevent

This scenario is actually very common. However, it can also result in a lot of frustration and possibly even heartache. Your dog may run so far they become lost or possibly run into a road with fast-moving cars or even a farmer’s field, where the farmer then has the right to shoot the dog if causing distress to his cattle. While some of these scenarios may seem drastic, they are the reality and they do happen on a regular basis.

Our responsibilities as owners

As dog owners, we are liable for their actions. That’s why a training aid such as a Pac Collar, is an ideal piece of equipment in helping to increase control and prevent these scenarios from happening. The reality is, once a dog breaks our trust, we as owners may then become particularly anxious when out on walks, thereby limiting the freedom in which the dog has. However, with a training collar, slowly but surely you as an owner can work to regain control and your dog can witness freedom once again.

Why a Training Collar?

PAC, a brand we really can vouch for, recently conducted a survey in which over 90% of customers using their training equipment had claimed it to be a success. Prior to using their collars, over 50% of customers claimed their dogs previously had ‘selective hearing’ and would chase and even harm wildlife while out on walks.

Having little control over our dogs can be incredibly stressful for us owners, causing us to fret whenever we pass another dog, let alone seeing a flock of sheep in a nearby farmer’s field.  Regaining control is imperative and a PAC collar is just the place to start. It’s important to remember that this aid alone will not completely change a dog’s behaviour, however it’s definitely a starting point and can work wonders for obedience whilst out on walks. The harsh reality is, a dog that refuses to listen to their owner whilst out on walks is a risk to both themselves and others.


The main reason behind the success of a training collar is timing. Punishing a dog after a crime will simply confuse them – they won’t associate the punishment with the crime they just committed because of the time that has passed. For a dog to understand they’ve committed a punishable offence, the punishment needs to take place immediately – which a training collar will allow you to do.  

It’s important to note, training collars aren’t designed to cause harm to your dog. Instead, the electrical stimulation is merely just unexpected and thereby uncomfortable, enough so that your dog is likely to return to your side and ultimately respond to your command. 

Introducing a training collar

Should you decide to introduce a training collar to your training regime, we can highly recommend the PAC brand and can honestly say that it’s an investment worth making if your dog has bad recall or even pulls on the lead. Remember, keep all training equipment out of reach of children as any misuse can be harmful to both them and your dog.

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  • Ben Abimbola