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Help your dog gain weight, the healthy way

Help your dog gain weight, the healthy way

Whether a dog has been neglected and malnourished, is recovering from an illness, or is simply a highly active, working dog - their weight can become an issue that needs a quick and healthy remedy.

Miracle Vet is a high-calorie liquid that’s all-natural. This healthy solution can help any dog, of any breed, put on the weight they need to stay healthy.

By simply adding the liquid to any dog food, be it wet, dry or raw via a syringe, or even to their water, they’ll be sure to get the extra calories they need to stay healthy and strong. Just to give you an idea - each 16oz. bottle contains 2,400 calories. 2,080 of those calories are from fat.

Suitable for dogs ages 4 weeks and older, Miracle Vet is completely natural and thereby has no side-effects. You’ll also be pleased to learn it contains no trans fats, or artificial colours, flavours or ingredients. What does it include? Ingredients include fish oil and whey protein.

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  • Ben Abimbola